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Freeverb3_VST Tutorial


Freeverb3 WindCompressor

This effect is a multiband compressor with a lookahead limiter. You can use this effect in mastering phase. This effect has many type of presets, which will help you brush up the sound.


The input stereo signal is separeted into 3 band signals by linear phase LPF and HPF using the Div Freq 1 [Hz] and Div Freq 2 [Hz] parameters first. The 3 stereo signals are processed by compressors. The compressor's parameters are shown in the GUI, which are similar to the normal compressor. If the AutoGain option is enabled, the 3 band signals will be normalized to 0[dB]. After the compressor processings, the 3 signals are summed up and processed with a lookahead limiter. The limiter's parameters are shown in the right column.


The LPF and BPF filters can be configured. The parameters are "filterType", "filterParameter" and "transitionBandwidth". The length of the filter depends on the transition bandwidth. If the bandwidth is small, the filter length is large and the CPU load is high.

; LPF/BPF/HPF Window Function
; [Stopband Attenuation]
; FV3_W_BLACKMAN = 1 [-74dB]
; FV3_W_HANNING = 2 [-44dB]
; FV3_W_HAMMING = 3 [-53db]
; FV3_W_KAISER = 4 [-<parameter>dB]
; FV3_W_COSRO = 5 (alpha=<parameter>)
; (alpha >0 && <=1) 0->default,
; use Square window when alpha=0.
; FV3_W_SQUARE = 6 [-21dB]

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